Dave Rogers


Keynote Speaker, Author, Investorpreneur

From a major phobia of speaking in public and a paralysing fear that was hindering his career advancement, to conquering his fear in Singapore in 2001. With the support and assistance of great mentors and coaches, to establishing a speaking and training business along with 3 key inner circle members, to persuading 27 of Asia’s top speakers and coaches to Connect, Collaborate and Co-Found the Asia Professional Speakers Association. Dave Rogers brings both his passion, heart centric communication approach, and his business expertise to the stage, Inviting You to Conceive, Believe and Achieve.


Dave has spoken in over 43 countries on four continents to over 150,000 people and has led half-day, full-day, two-day and up to eleven-day Global Leadership Expeditions called Soul Journey adventures since 2005. Dave is featured in best selling book called Transformational Leaders, the epic feature length movie The DreamCatchers Movie and has lead more than ten adventures including the Mayan Prophecy in Peru & Bolivia, the Viking Mythologies to Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland, the Cradle of Humanity to South Africa, as well as the Egyptian Mythology and Asia’s first quantum leadership cruise to China, Japan and Korea.

• Purpose, Passion and Heart Centric Leadership
• Networking for Success or The 7 Deadly Sins of Networking
• Reveal Your X Factor – From Ancient Wisdom to the Trilogy of Technology
• The 7 C’s of Humanistic Business Leadership
• Unity in Diversity – Inspiring Cross Cultural Collaboration



A fast track of the program can be delivered over a weekend program and Keynote Presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of our clients.


Dave coaches, mentors and teaches people how to overcome fear, express themselves with confidence, and create magic on the stage.


Dave has written books and developed audio CD sets with workbooks. You can also sign up for a Skype coaching with him.

Extended Disc Executive High Performance 1-1 Strategic Business Coaching Session

As a world renowned tool, Extended DISC profiles are used by people to get better insights into themselves and to explain why you do what you do, as well as explains how you interact with others.  It is all about you!!!  The tool can also help your employer to better support you within the environment you are working, and to identify how your key strengths can be best utilised to make your job easier, more fun and more satisfying through achieving a high performance level (the profile even tells you what you are doing compared to what your natural profile indicates).

You will receive a personalised report, and  your behavioural style shows us the areas and environments that you best perform in and where you can best be developed. The aim of these profiles are to help people get to really know their strengths and where they best “flow”, meaning the areas that are most natural to you that help you achieve easier, faster and with more enjoyment.

90 Minutes Debrief, Extended Disc Profiling and 1-1 Coaching Session at US$397.


GPS Coaching Session

Personal 1-1 GPS Accelerator coaching session that has allowed me to dramatically improve my own clarity, focus and confidence in business and life. The GPS Coaching Session includes a 20 Minute 1-1 Session via Skype or Google Hangouts, and a Bonus Entrepreneur Homestudy Video Program and Workbook – Book Here for US$97.


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Awesome; Inspiring; Challenging – can change your life and your business. Dave was fantastic. Inspiring and challenging. Thought provoking! Approachable! Simplified things with wonderful analogies!

Lata Milner

Group Marketing Director and Lawyer

Dave is the rarest of individuals who is master of the ‘left brain’ world of global finance & the ‘right brain’ world of human potential. Every meeting with him is an inspiration. I have found new powers in myself through his ‘Buddha’ type insights.

Akhil Shahani

Director, Shahani Group

Fun, enlightening, inspiring and powerful! Facilitator is absolutely awesome and truly walks his talk.

Dr Lynelle Kerr


Dave’s program leaves you empowered with knowledge and energy to put your thoughts into action. Dave is a 10 out of 10.

Mix Kerdprasop

Miss Thailand Universe 2004-2005

My life changed when I met Dave Rogers 4 years ago. I engaged him as my personal coach. We set goals and soon enough I was ticking them as completed. Dave is an awesome coach, someone that can really stretch, support and hold you accountable.

Denis Gianoutsos

Global Leadership Coach, Facilitator

Dave is an incredible, highly experienced coach, a very gifted and inspirational speaker with a very big heart. His presentations are dynamic, heart-filled and engaging. He has an incredible gift to inspire an audience to great heights.

Kristina Mills

Marketing Advisor, Coach, Mentor, Strategist, Copywriter

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