I remember calling my mom the “Dragon Lady” as she was born in the Year of the Dragon. I remember being fourteen and being embarrassed of being Chinese and being ashamed of my Chinese heritage. 
I remember the racist comments and being bullied, beaten and abused in ice hockey, lacrosse and in the classroom. It was not easy and I resented, despised and even hated my mother and her ethic race for many years as a youth. 
Do you know what that racism, bullying, abuse, does to a child’s self esteem, to their self confidence, to their self image? 
Many of you do,  as you too have or had your story. 
Today we hear a lot about the Tiger Mom’s from the memoirs of Amy Chua. According to a article I read, the Tiger mother of today is ”  acid tongued , a Type A personality , alpha female who roundly schooling her cubs , her man , and pretty much any errant passer by who happens to cross her path”  
Curiously,  Justin , my fourteen year old , was asked to respond to Amy Chua’s “Tiger Mom” article for a school project this week, and while he would not shown me his homework or share his opinion’s on the topic , it did lead to some engaging and entertaining fodder for our Mother Day’s discussion and celebration. 
From my perspective, the Tiger Mom journey is mostly fueled by fear, anger, and desperation and while I have found it rather annoying to meet up with a number of them at Parent Teacher Assemblies, I mostly adjust and go to a place of empathy and compassion to the Tiger Mom’s as I mostly respect their passion and find their high anxiety and meteoric stress levels a wee bit cute and amusing these days. 
I do humbly remember that my mum was the child of immigrants from China and her journey in Canada was filled with pain, poverty and a wide range of death, hardship and tragedy 
She like so many first generation new immigrant kids are fighters, rebellious, misunderstood and either develop furious tempers or suffer through personal suppression of emotions which inhibits expression of love, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion. 
My parents did sacrifice a lot for me and today I very much appreciate what my parents, grandparents and great grandparents endured and sacrificed for me. 
My mom has walked closely with me during the my 24 year personal development journey and I am so proud of her and her interest and curiosity with releasing, healing and accepting me and our journey together. While she still has a feistiness and energy of a Roaring Dragon at times, these days, when she does explode, she notices and usually without getting to out of control, she is able to breath, smile and give me a hug and whisper, “I did it again, didn’t I” 
I am grateful to my many amazing teachers, mentors, coaches including Mom, Dad, and Justin. My studies and practical field work of almost 25 year into  NLP, past life regression, shamanism, past life trauma,  alternated states of consciousness, mysticism, and cultures of the oppressed as well as leading soul journey trips to Egypt, Peru, Mexico, South Africa as well as Asia First Spiritual Cruise has presented incredible opportunities to serve, connect, clear and serve people on the journey.
In September, I will co-lead the 2015 Soul Journey, a ten day mystical adventure to Turkey,  in honour of the 100 year anniversary of the most devastating battle for the ANZAC forces, and while we explore some of the most amazing archeological sites in the GATEWAY BETWEEN EUROPE AND ASIA ( Turkey), I will focus, engaging and explore the healing and “bridging the conflict of the soul”.
There are two spots available for this Soul Journey ( details at http://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/soul-journey-turkey-tickets-14397554473 , contact me directly via PM if this resonates with you and your soul) 
Happy Mothers Day
ps To Listen to the Conscious Parenting Seminar With Keith J Mason, Global Sage and Co-Leader of the Mayan Prophecy Tour to Mexico in 2012