“ Love them or Hate them “ – Would you like to learn the cutting edge business doers in the world, the best of breed companies and hear about the leading trends? Is it time to start listening, learning and adapting strategies to apply to your business or investing strategy?
I asked myself “ Is the opportunity to Learn, study, and invest in smart business leaders or companies such as Apple, Disney, or Starbuck worthwhile and fun?
If you think so, then listen to this interview of the founder of one of the most popular companies in the world 
at http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000373750
At the 3.02 minute mark, Mr Schultz talks about “cracking the code” on blending technology, increasing loyalty, heighten same store sales and building high response communities all to record levels.
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If we get enough interest, i will see if see if we can share the link to a recent 33 minute webinar that reveals cutting edge investing and quantum methods to make you a better entrepreneur 
PS if you have time to listen to the interview with the founder of one of the most popular leisure brands in the word,  in its entirety, please do write a comment on what you can do to apply or what specifically did you learn?