One of the great gifts of 2015 might be revealed to you as you explore your 2015 journey and choose to consciously highlight and celebrate your triumphs and explore and uncover the gems of divine wisdom from your losses, upsets, or defeats in 2015.


I invite you to Quickly Reflect Back through 2015, simply write down in your journal or type in iphone notes or share with us as a comment below a one or two words to highlight:

  • What was your top experience or big wins or celebrations in 2015?
  • What was your biggest loss, failure or rejection?

For example it could be a graduation or a relatives passing or a child’s first word or winning an award or missing out on a promotion.
Recall one, two or three of  your top successes and failures in 2015 – share a word or two below if you choose to do so.


A 5 step approach to heighten the positive experience is to 1) Simply Close your eyes, 2) breathe in deeply & exhale fully three times, 3) Identify the feeling or emotion that you are experiencing 4)  Allow yourself the pleasure, joy and gift of rememberance of your successes in 2015. 5) Celebrate internally!

A 5 step path to reframe or give a new meaning to a negative experience is to 1) close your eyes, 2) breathe in deeply & exhale fully three times 3) feel the feelings and identify what you are feeling? 4) Ask what else can this experience can mean? Explore what is a positive message from this experience? Discover in what ways does this experience add to the value of my life? 5) Allow your conscious and unconscious mind, body and spirit find something to be grateful for the experience.

Release what you choose to release and if appropriate find a reason to smile, be grateful and Enjoy the stillness, silence and self awareness of honouring you and your memories.

HONOUR – One Word Can Change Your Life

The Word “HONOUR” had a profound affect on me in 2015 as I consciously choose to start using the word “Honour” and its lovely derivatives “honouring” and ‘’honoured” throughout the year and found myself awed by the deep sense of honouring that developed, grew and permeated throughout my life and especially in my connections, collaborations, and co-creations throughout the year.

I feel so “honoured” to have had this video shared with me on FB at 222am and having the opportunity to witness the friends, families and kindered souls in New Zealand “honour” their brother, father, and son.

The “honouring” ceremony (from the video below) touched my spirit, sang to my soul and triggered a message about “brotherhood” , about “team” , and about “humanity” that turned on the inner sprinklers of my being and left me feel so honoured to be alive, to be human and to feel so grateful.
The “critical moment” of seeing the young ones with their mother triggered the sense of loss, of sadness and of despair that accelerated the tear flow and reminded me that “ each tear is simply a beautiful gift, it is the human creation of a rain drop into the ocean of healing.

Choosing to honour the experience, breathing in deeply, feeling the feelings, exploring the emotions, was very emotional. It felt like a truest true of living .


Grateful for the experience and having an inner certainty, a knowingness , that this too will serve allowed me to shift from tears of sadness, sorrow and pain to calmness, peace and harmony. My dance with the external environment has brought me to slumber and hopefully a magical rest and journey to lands yet explored.

Thank you and may this honouring serve you and your beloveds on your journey into 2016.


PS: Share a word, poem or phrase that reflects an emotion or feeling that this video or sharing triggered for you?