Proposal for “Social Intelligence – Does Your Organization Flow?”

Effective leaders follow a formula of nurturing, stretching, encouraging and developing the skills and talents of themselves and their teammates. Great leaders are intimately familiar with the importance of embracing change and communicating with increased precision, timing and accuracy. The focus on developing superior internal and external communicative tools, strategies, and techniques is an absolute MUST in today’s evolving marketplace. This program takes the extra stride to coach participants beyond the ability to implement techniques and seeks to expose them to the emotional, psychological, and inspirational levers that will lead to the deliverance of greater awareness, understanding and application of Social Intelligence.


Design and implement a curriculum that will enable 500 top performers, managers and support staff to develop greater sensitivity, awareness, and understanding about Social Intelligence.
Participants will be led through a series of experiential assignments tailored to deliver maximum impact and accelerate the adoption and mastery of key principles of Social Intelligence such as situational awareness, presence, authenticity, clarity and empathy.
Participants will be coached in a highly interactive manner in which they will be pressed to confront their personal inhibitions and look for tools, techniques and strategies to transform their abilities to manage themselves, manage others, and build bridges local and internationally in a dynamic and “shifting” global marketplace.
At the end of the program participants will have a better understanding of their own mental and communicative methodologies and will be empowered to take on roles that will develop and enhance their leadership, attract better relationships, and inspire them to great sensitivity, flexibility, and effectiveness.
Program Details:

“Social Intelligence – Does your organization flow?

  • Social Intelligence – defined Continual Shift Model
  • Rapport and Sensory Acuity
  • Brain Works – right brain operations
  • Flow with Dr C
  • Grow Model
  • Authenticity – true self
  • Clarity – have more, do more, be more
  • Emoto – Influence of Words
  • Love Languages
  • Social Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Working on your Strengths The Spirit of Social Intelligence