The Spirit of Enterprise

Today it is not about strictly about “The Business”, people want more and in this keynote presentation, Dave Rogers explores what are the key components to nurturing, stretching, encouraging and developing the skills and talents for successful social entrepreneurs. Organizations are looking for leaders and these leaders must embody the spirit of enterprise. The focus on developing superior internal and external communicative tools, strategies, and techniques is an absolute MUST in today’s evolving marketplace. This program takes the extra stride to coach participants beyond the ability to implement techniques and seeks to expose them to the emotional, psychological, and inspirational levers that will lead to the deliverance of exceptional leadership and improved results I all areas of their lives.

Objectives :

  1. Design and implement a curriculum that will enable individuals to develop superior skills in leadership, state management, and self-awareness.
  2. Find out whether you are a big enough failure – why failure is an essential ingredient in entrepreneurship
  3. How you and your enterprise can immediately heighten your attractiveness in your marketplace and create real customers attraction
  4. What entrepreneurs can do to immediately generate higher sales, higher profits and have huge fun along the way!
  5. At the end of the program participants will have a better understanding of their own mental and communicative methodologies and will be empowered to take on roles that will develop and enhance their leadership, and will touch upon what the spirit of enterprise means to them