“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” 

Grand Master Mantak Chia 

In Conversation with Dave 

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Just completed a week detox , Universal Tao Healing, personal mastery session with Grand Master Mantak Chia in Thailand 
Discovered some sacred lessons about our life force , the inner smile and harmony of our organs , our environment and our position in the cosmos 
Thank you Rene Anant Feddersen for the intro about ten years ago , Mike Handcock for the healthy debrief ( ouch ) yesterday and Jason Jason Moriartyfor the eight minute of delightful bliss workout ( yeah) 

Why did you go see Master Chia?
As one of the world’s experts in CHI Energy and as a founder of the Universal Tao movement, I felt it was time for me to learn from the Grand Master directly. I have been a reader of his books, a visitor to his gorgeous resort in Chiang Mai twice and it was divine timing to make this unfold. 

What were some of your biggests learnings? 
The inner smile,  each morning at 7am meditation ,in the gorgeous nature for an hour with Mantak Chia and his Senior Instructor Walter we went through a refreshing, invigorating hour CHI churning, body nurturing, spirit soothing, inner smile process
The body wake up includes honoring the heart and allowing the smile and heart to connect to love, joy, compassion , and “happy” 
The heart acting as a WIFI to connect to mother earth, to the cosmos & the north star, and then to connect and share love and light to the major organs – the metal lungs, the water kidneys, the wood liver, the earth spleen and to the lumbar, the bones, the face, and the tendons 
Each organ massaged with words of endearment, love and appreciation, each organ massaged with sacred CHI energy, each organ massaged with streching movements that cleansed , cleared and delivered an invitation to connect, nuture, and love unconditonally. 
Starting with a warm glass of water and completing with a warm glass of water – a delightful way to start the day and then we head to breakfast for organics, probiotics, herbal, teas, juices, and a wide range of healthy yummy nutrients for the temple. 
I intend to share the practise during the upcoming Soul Journey advenutre to Turky , perhaps a joint morning session with someone with tai chi or yoga experience and each morning we can “practise” the honoring, cleansing as well as moving, harnessing, harvesting and sharing of the universal chi

What everything about the DETOX terrific and positive? 

NOoooooo…did I mentioned that after day 2 , I felt horrible – a combination of withdrawl from coffee combined with some negative thoughts, some angry thoughts, some sadness, lonliness, and some internal conflicts, upsets and a culmination of uncertainty and lack of clarity. 
I almost left the resort as my mental state was very very very unresourceful. 
Day three was especially painful as I asked for a colonic and “dang” the tubes and devices were probably sized for an elephant or a walrus not a “little fellow from Mississauga Ontario Canada” 
I pushed through the coffee colonic experience , felt lighter, found my internal laughter button, and just like that , a snap of the fingers, my demeanor , thoughts, and focus changed. 

In Universal Tao, there is a principal of letting go to mother earth – allow mother earth to recycle, learn to pass ill feelings, hurts, upsets, and feces of all size and shapes to mother earth and she will welcome the opportunity to recycle, to transform and to take all of “our crap” and turn it into some thing useful, productive and nourishing. 

I found my day 2 and day 3 experiences brilliant in practising the “let go” principles of the Tao. 
Day 4 my world tranformed and i was – hahah— really ready to meet people and enjoy the program. 
Day 5 , my courage, confidence and curiousity was back and I decided to ask Grand Master Master Chia for an interview for RYL Radio 
Day 6 – 7 – Met Some Amazing people and keenly explored Ancestral DNA, feeling , reading , sensing and experiencing energy , life force and chi at a new vibrational level. 

Overall, A Brilliant Life Experience – grateful to Grand Master Chia, Walter, the awesome staff at Tao Resort , the lovely people I met during the week in Chiang Mai. 

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“At heart most men are as terrified of women’s infinite sexualcapacity as they are fascinated by it. The general effect on men isto make them feel sexually insecure and causes them to attempt tocompensate with some other strength. Sexual insecurity may bethe primary reason men have sought physical, political, financial,intellectual, and religious advantage over woman.” 

Grand Master Mantak Chia