Up Your Learning, Up Your Earning

The ability to effectively interact with multiple levels of personnel within the company breaks the barriers that limit productivity, consumer loyalty, sales convertibility, quality and potential profitability. Confidence to sell effectively must be motivated and instilled into an individual’s beliefs and habits in order to maintain long term results. To build greater awareness, understanding, and better results one must combine the ability to learn quickly, adapt quickly, and adjust quickly. In the UP YOUR LEARNING, UP YOUR EARNING module, participants will unleash the skills that breed confidence, credibility, and direct motivation.

Developing a flexible sales style which includes multiple modalities, heightened awareness, and deeper understanding of communicative patterns and styles will result in enthusiastic personnel with healthy rapport skills that will elevate levels of confidence and productivity. This workshop takes that extra stride to coach participants beyond the ability to implement technique, and delivers insights and distinctions to empower participants to effectively shift from one archetype to another and thereby inspires participants to consistently influence customers towards excellence and provide them with the assurance that their decision to purchase was an intelligent one.