One major trend that became crystal clear from traveling to 5 countries and 11 cities in 21 days during the Trend 2020 tour is the usefulness and effectiveness that can be realised through productive outsourcing. 
Ironically the observation about outsourcing became crystal by noticing two things that were common in all of the places that I experience during the Trend 2020 Tour – “ stress and time poverty.”  
I was shocked that so many people during the travels kept saying “ I am so busy” or  “ I have no time” or “ I feel so much stress” . Talk about “self hypnosis” and,  yes,  folks this is a specific example of self hypnosis.
I will continue to share about hypnotic sales writing, self hypnosis, and the stress hypnosis , in future posts, especially if you are curious or if you would LIKE  me to reveal such secrets, strategies or life hacks.
One of my most entertaining and ROCKING Mentors is martial artist legend and Fight Science Celebrity Glen Levy and he has introduced me to the term “neuro hacking” and we have explored several effective uses for it in health, healing and self hypnosis. By applying and morphing principles for “neural hacking” one can effectively shift their reality from being “time poor” to being “awesomely time rich”   
Now think about your own situation , do you feel “time rich” or “time poor” ? What role do your beliefs, behaviour and words  control or hypnotise or  influence your relationship with time? Who is the only person who can change it? 
If you use to believe that you were ” time poor “ , this is your WAKE UP CALL and YES , you can change it, if you decide to do so. 
During my most recent tour, one thing screamed loudly, very, very loudly, and that is…. that successful entrepreneurs are “time rich” , where as most people are “ time poor” 
The one secret skill that TIME RICH people have developed is…. they have learned and mastered “the magic of  outsourcing” . 
How many of you are consciously and specifically looking to develop your expertise in leveraging and harnessing  your time, wisdom and energy through the “magic of outsourcing”?
If you are, consider reading to the 7 Step Approach to Outsourcing, if not, feel free to click on a picture or my latest video. 
The 7 Step Approach to Outsourcing
Step 1) Start with the end in mind and guide yourself with great questions such as 
– what do you want to get done? 
– if you have a magic wand what specifically would you ask for? 
Step 2) Write a draft of what you are looking for
– write in your notes section and allow yourself to draft, rewrite and revise until it is concise, brief and clear. 
Step 3) Explore Fiver or Odesk or Elance as three possible outsourcing platforms – if you are new to outsourcing, check out the sites and explore and see the wide range of resources that are available to you. You can hire for writing, designing, programming, transcription, SEO,  web as well as PR, advertising and a wealth of cute and enjoyable activities. 
Step 4)  Scan the community of service providers such as  Fiverr or Odesk or Elance. I personally look for a provider who has a track record of at least 20 jobs, a high rating such as 4.5 or 5 stars from FIVERR , and responds to my questions 
Step 5) Register yourself as a User with one of the service providers and fill in the details of your profile and you will require a credit card or paypal account to get started. 
Step 6)  “GIVE IT A CRACK” is a Key Success Motto of another one of my awesome Mentors from Australia. I encourage you to get started with outsourcing and “Give It A Crack” – for $5 with fiverr or $10 with elance or $15 dollars with odesk — give it a crack and get started developing the skill or outsourcing. An essential skill that will move you towards being “time rich”
SPECIAL NOTE  –  Relationship with time – stop stop stop the hypnosis that you are busy , you have no time or you are too busy.  Shift the hypnosis to “choosing “ or “allowing” or “deciding”  to allocate time, specific time, measurable wonderful time such as 30 minutes or an hour or 88 minutes to developing your outsourcing skill set ( also known as delegation skills). Can you imagine having a tribe of people working on your projects around the world while you do what you love to do? Is that “time rich to you?”  
Step 7) Practise Outsourcing – have fun with the skill development and give yourself some time to develop the outsourcing mindset and skills set.  
I believe in making business simple. Above are 7 simple steps to get started to outsourcing. 
In the next posts, I am going to reveal other great lesson that unfolded from the Trend 2020 Tour.  The secret sauce is in learning HOW to take daily experiences, deconstruct them, finding the gem and apply it to make money or do more with less or and live a better life.
P.S: If you like this tip,and want more, if would be great if you could personally comment with your level of interest or your experience or expertise with OUTSOURCING and I’ll see if I can encourage my mentor to host a special opportunity for you and me 
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